White Spear

So, here it is, my first human character. Initially I only planned on doing a quite simple character for a (hopefully upcoming) browser game. Then I thought, being already up to it I could as well do it a bit more detailed and add a proper environment to get a base for menu artworks. Well, ended up with lots of work, lots of learning, and lots of trouble. But it has also been a lot of fun putting this scene together, at least on the days when I didn`t want to smash my PC. As for the workflow…I started with basic meshes done with “makehuman”, and then added/modified/tweaked to my needs in Maya, and continued there with the rigging and anim crap. A seasoned character artist would certainly slap me in the face for that, but at the bottom line it was sufficient. I really like the shading, mixing a cellshader (Goosh) with some other stuff.