RtcW SP-map “cw_vill” Gallery (Alpha)

Return to castle Wolfenstein Singleplayermap “cw_vill”.
alpha, work in progress. release: available

Cw_vill will be the prequel to Clonewar2044. it tells the story of dr. rosenblatt, a leading scientist in matters of timejumps; he has already been introduced on the clonewar-briefing. your job will be to locate him in an occupied german village and get him to help the allies building their own timeportal.

Ages ago I passed this map on to Vicpas.
He took care of all the scripting and AI, tweaked some graphics, and even enhanced the ending.
I think he did a great job, and of course it was pretty good fun for me to play my “own” map when he sent it back.

Below you can find the download. To install it simply extract the rar to RtCW`s main directory and run the cw_vill shortcut.

Download Clonewar Village (Direct Download)