FM Elite Shoe Box HD

Get the most versatile Shoe Box and a Bonus Sky Sphere right here:

Download: Elite Shoe Box and Bonus SkySphere

Ok, I admit it, I didn`t even plan to include the shoe box, but since I had to model it for the fake promo image I thought I can as well add it, not sure if it even works. 😉

Quick note on the sky sphere:
This is basicly a test I ran, with a mid-quality variation of the “top of the world” skybox (different angle & lighting) redone for a sphere. It`s not tested properly, but I think it should work fine. Let me know if it doesn`t. No metadata for Daz Studio, so you`d have to find it in the content tab.

As usual wide camera angles work best. Curious observation: Shrinking it makes it seem wider, pretty much the opposite of the skyboxes.