Dev Diaries, don`t!

Possibly a personal prob of mine, but I am getting sick of all those boring Dev Diaries. It`s just fine to offer commented gameplay or something, but why do I have to watch nerds talking about their game instead of showing it?

I think it all started with Ubi being smart enough to give Assassins Creed a face by showing us Jade. Clever move, and she “performed” really well, It`s been fun to watch. Before that we occasionally got to watch the more shining representants of the industry, the Peters, Wills, Johns, whatever. Always nice listening to them because they really breath games, or at least manage to make it look like that.

However, since about a year they show us every boring Devfreak they can find. I suppose some analysts found out Jade added to sales, and now everyone trys to copy that success, without success.

The gameindustry is not about human stars, it`s about it`s product, the games.  If I browse for gamevideos I hope to find exactly that,  and I`m pretty sure that`s true for 90% of players, be it casual or hardcore.

On the other hand being involved with development I`d also appreciate proper background info.  This means statements exceeding “Hello, I am Mr. Devnerd, and the game I work on it rocks”.

So, please give us either gameplay movies or good info, but don`t waste time with shallow phrases trying to copy Hollywood while lacking stars.