So, I forgot to mention I`m currently working on a flashgame (hopefully more than one if things go well). Teamed up with a former workmate a month ago, now we are close to finish the first title, and I think it`s a pretty decent one.

Anyway, of course it took us about as long to get to an agreement about how to name the team. Now that this is finally-temporarily settled I got to work on a logo and thought I could post a few designs. The usual inevitable troubles aside, it`s quite fun. Playing with bones rocks. Cellshading rocks. I should rerender everything I`ve ever done with a cellshader.

Personally I like the ones without a frame most, and I prefer the graffiti style font, makes it look less heavy metal. However, it`s work in progress, so no idea which one -if any- of them will do it.